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Apollo Dental Practice offers the following treatments. For treatments that cannot be performed in our practice, you will be referred to the appropriate specialists. Please feel free Contact contact us for more information.

During the six-monthly check-up, your teeth will be completely checked, possibly with the aid of X-rays.

Click here for more information about: periodic control.

For people who regularly visit the dental hygienist, the dentist often no longer has much to do. So good!

Click here for more information about: oral hygiene.

Composite is easy to use, ceramic is more durable and often nicer in color, but also more expensive.

Click here for more information about: fillings.

If you have an inflamed nerve or there is inflammation in your jaw as a result of a dead nerve, you will receive a root canal treatment. Sometimes a previously treated tooth needs to be treated again, I leave that to the specialist. I usually refer you to an endodontist or dental surgeon for this.

If you want to make the front teeth more beautiful because they differ in shape or color, this is possible with veneers. As with fillings, ceramic is often more beautiful but more expensive, composite is more limited in color but cheaper. When making veneers, the idea is to grind as little or no teeth as possible and to use so-called non-prep veneers that are wafer-thin and made of ceramic.

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Sometimes a tooth can no longer be restored with a filling. Then a crown may be the solution, it covers the tooth and strengthens it. If you are missing a tooth or molar, a connection can be made between two teeth or molars using a bridge to replace the lost tooth or molar. However, an implant is often a better solution for replacement. This means that there is no need to drill the surrounding teeth or molars, as is done with a bridge.

An artificial root, an implant, can be placed to replace a lost tooth. You will be referred to an implantologist for this. We make the crown, bridge or click dentures here in practice.

Click here for more information about: implants.

This can be done using invisible braces AirSmile. For extensive treatments you will be referred to the right orthodontist.

In collaboration with our dental technician, we can make all types of dentures.

Teeth and molars can be extracted here, including wisdom teeth, unless they are crooked. Then you will be referred to the dental surgeon.

Many people grind and/or clench, resulting in wear and tear of their teeth. But headaches, neck pain and pain in the chewing muscles can also be a consequence. A custom-made mouthguard is often a good solution.

Are your teeth no longer sparkling white? You can whiten your teeth at home with custom-made whitening trays. It is not harmful to your teeth. You will receive safe and approved whitening gel in your Philips Zoom set.

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