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The dental practice in Amsterdam South

Tandartspraktijk Apollo Amsterdam-Zuid

We would like to welcome you and your family to our modern practice in Amsterdam South.

High quality of dental care, a friendly and personal atmosphere and reliable professionalism are our core values.

Tandartspraktijk Apollo Amsterdam-Zuid

Our team

Roderik Tandarts Amsterdam Zuid
Roderik van Rens
BIG: 8905 9618 902
Nahren Tandarts Amsterdam Zuid
Nahren Gorges
Tilly Tandartsassistent Amsterdam Zuid
Tilly Zijlstra
Dental assistant
Ose Assistent Amsterdam Zuid
Ose Luimen
Omaira Assistent Amsterdam Zuid
Omaira Pique
Sabine Mondhygiënist Amsterdam Zuid
Sabine Leijten
Dental hygienist
Robin Mondhygiënist Amsterdam Zuid
Robin Joziasse
Dental hygienist
Patty Praktijkmanager Amsterdam Zuid
Patty Groot
Practice Manager

Our experienced team
is happy to assist you

We look forward to welcoming you to our dental practice in Amsterdam South. We are a modern practice that focuses on providing excellent and professional dental care, while also striving to make every visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. 

Dental practice Apollo has a small and personal team, consisting of a dentist, (prevention) assistant and dental hygienist.

General dentist

We will provide you with the dental care you need.

For the whole family

At Dental practice Apollo we care for both adults and children.


We offer fair dental care.

Periodic check-up

A check on the health of your teeth.

Oral hygiene

You can contact us for oral hygiene treatments.


Dentures are a replacement for your teeth and/or molars.


The treatment for creating straight teeth.

Frequently asked questions to the dentist in Amsterdam South

At Dentist Apollo in Amsterdam South we offer a wide range of treatments to meet all your dental needs. From preventive care and general cleanings to more complex treatments such as crowns and bridges, root canal treatments, wisdom teeth extractions and veneers, our experienced dentists can help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

An emergency at the dental practice of Tandarts Apollo in Amsterdam Zuid is usually defined as any situation in which it is impossible to wait for the next check-up appointment. This could be sudden, intense pain or discomfort, a loose filling, a broken tooth, excessive bleeding after an extraction procedure, or any other serious symptom that requires urgent professional attention. Such a situation should be treated with the highest priority and addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If you believe you are dealing with a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us immediately so that we can review your case and provide the necessary treatment. Prompt action will help maintain your oral health and reduce the risk of permanent damage or complications.

The answer to this question depends on your age and type of insurance. In general, if you are under the age of 18, your dental costs will be fully reimbursed, although there are some exceptions such as crowns, bridges, implants and braces. If you have basic insurance, the costs of dentures, click dentures and some treatments by dental surgeons should also be covered. If you want extra coverage for treatments that are not included in your basic plan, you can opt for additional dental insurance. To find out more about what is included in your health insurance policy and what coverage options are available to you, it is best to contact your health insurance or take a look at our rates page.

At Tandarts Apollo, we work together with PAYT for sending and collecting our bills. This means that you will receive an invoice from PAYT for the care. To ensure that you receive the invoice as quickly as possible, when booking an appointment with us you will be asked to provide your email address so that we can forward the invoice directly to you. Once the invoice has been sent, it is up to you to pay it within the specified period.

If you are eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance, this will be clearly indicated on the invoice that PAYT sends you. In that case, you only have to pay the remaining amount on the account and the rest will be declared to your health insurance for reimbursement. This whole process is automated and takes place in a secure way by PAYT, so that all your personal data is safe at all times.

We aim to make our billing system easy and simple for all our patients, so if at any point during your treatment with us there are any questions about how payments work or how bills are received, please don't hesitate to contact us directly, so that we can assist you in any way we can.

Yes of course! At Dentist Apollo in Amsterdam South, we give a five-year warranty on all our crowns and bridges. After the first year, we reduce the fee by 20% each year, so that after five years you get a full refund if something goes wrong. In addition, your new crown or bridge is free if it breaks within the first year. With regard to dentures, we give a full warranty for the first three months. After that period, you can contact us for aftercare if you experience a fracture or pain. For more information about this warranty and its terms and conditions, please visit our website and view our warranty page. We're here to help with any questions or concerns you may have about this process. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted dental care provider!

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Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome at Dental Practice Apollo. Our dentist, dental hygienist and assistants are ready to welcome you. We have short waiting times. The registration for

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Due to the summer holidays, we are closed from July 31 to August 11

Our practice is closed from July 31 to August 11. We hope to see you again in practice after that time. Click here to register and make an appointment for after the holiday period.

Do you have an emergency during our summer holidays and can it no longer wait until our next working day? Please contact the DENTIST EMERGENCY PRACTICE on telephone number: 09008602.

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