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Do you suffer from a cavity in your tooth or molar? Feel free to visit our practice and let our experienced dentist treat you. We can apply a filling of composite or ceramic, so that you can continue your daily activities painlessly.

It is important to fill a cavity in your tooth on time. If you do not do this or do it too late, this can have serious consequences. For example, your tooth or molar can break off, with the result that it might need to be removed. In addition, the nerves can die or the root tips can become inflamed. Then a root canal treatment is often necessary.

Prevent cavities in your teeth and visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth checked. We work with you to keep your teeth healthy. In the unlikely event that you do suffer from dental problems, you are of course very welcome at our practice to have these problems treated in a targeted way.

Vullingen van composiet en keramiek

Composite fillings

You can contact us for a filling of composite or ceramic. In most cases, composite is used. This is a material that consists of synthetic resin. A composite filling has two major advantages over a ceramic filling: it is cheaper and can be applied faster.

Ceramic fillings

Still, some prefer a ceramic filling, despite the relatively high cost and time it takes. A ceramic filling has a number of significant advantages. Ceramic is a strong material that can absorb a lot of forces and is biocompatible (friendly to the mouth and the rest of the body). In addition, a ceramic filling has a longer life and better aesthetics.

Periodieke Controle

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